CSU Alumni Council Appoints Lou Monville to CSU Board of Trustees • Long Beach Post

With his term as the governor-appointed trustee of the California State University (CSU)’s Board of Trustees ending in June, Lou Monville has been re-appointed to the board as its Alumni Trustee.

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Screen Shot 2014-03-24 at 12.08.24 PMThe CSU Alumni Council oversaw the appointment of Monville’s seat, which is the only trustee position that is appointed without required review from the Governor or State Legislature. Monville, a CSU San Bernardino alumnus, will assume the role in May.

“The CSU and Cal State San Bernardino have left indelible marks on my entire life,” said Monville in statement. “To represent the nearly three million people who are proud alumni of the CSU as the Alumni Trustee is a truly special honor. This is another way for me to give back to the university that makes such an impact on California.”

Monville was appointed to the board in 2006 by then-Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and currently serves as the board’s Vice Chair. In addition to his role as trustee, Monville serves as Vice President of the Riverside-based public relation firm O’Reilly Public Relations.

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