A large snake was found dead Thursday afternoon in Long Beach by a pedestrian near Pier Point Park.

Alex Carmon said he was taking a stroll in the area with his fiancé when they came to a halt upon seeing the snake’s body, which appeared to be wearing a black T-shirt.

“I don’t know a single thing that occurred,” Carmon said. “We just walked by it and saw it.”

Although appearances of snakes in Long Beach are uncommon outside of the El Dorado Nature Center, Marine Safety Chief Gonzolo Medina has previously said that it’s not unusual to hear about strange objects ending up in the city’s ocean as it’s connected to the LA River, which dumps out 48 miles of debris, trash, and sometimes, wildlife into the water.

While the river is mostly concrete, Medina said parts of it are natural bottoms in areas with wildlife. Still, it’s not clear how the snake died or came to appear high up on the rocks along the pedestrian pathway next to Pier Point Park. 

But within an hour of Carmon finding the body, the snake disappeared.

Local history: The world came to Long Beach with the 1928 Pacific Southwest Exposition