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After cellphone footage captured video of two street vendors being harassed in Central Long Beach, the community and nonprofit organization Local Hearts hosted a rally to buy goods from the street vendors in show of support.

Along Cedar Avenue, a line of people formed eager to buy shaved ice, corn on the cob and chopped fruit in a cup. Low rider cars cruised into the middle of the street as some of them used their hydraulics to bounce on the pavement.

Jose Euguenio Vivanco Bruno, one of the street vendors, said he was happy to see so many people come out to support his small business.

“We work well to make sure we make some money for our families,” he said.

Eliu Ramirez, the other street vendor, said he was harassed by a woman Monday and called police for help. When officers arrived, they intervened and gave Ramirez a ticket for not having proper licensing.

But on Wednesday police said ticketing street vendors was not their policy and said they would void the tickets.

Bruno confirmed that the tickets were voided during the event Saturday.