Even with all the negative things we see in our world day in and day out, there are things we can be very proud of and excited about. One of those is the fortitude and resilience of young people in Long Beach.

We’ve seen Long Beach Unified students demand gun control laws, and now they are taking on climate change.

This all started back in November of 2019 when the LBUSD board adopted a policy that pledged to transition off of fossil fuels in the electricity sector by 2030 and all other energy sectors by 2040.

But during the middle of the pandemic, students at Poly High wanted a bigger, more concrete, commitment. So, The Poly Green Schools Campaign—also called Poly GSC—was born.

On today’s episode of “The Word” podcast, Jackie Rae speaks with campaign founder Diana Michaelson, Ruthie Heis and Rohan Reddy about the long-term impacts of the Green School Campaign.

Long Beach high school students take a stand against gun violence