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Photo courtesy of Jeannine Pearce’s campaign. 

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Jeannine Pearce has hired Devin Cotter to assume duties as her chief of staff, after declaring victory in the race for the Second District city council seat two weeks ago.

As of Friday, June 17, Pearce had retained her election night lead, with 51.39 percent of the votes to rival candidate Eric Gray’s 48.61 percent. The total came after 10,064 votes were counted.


Cotter is most known for working on the mayoral campaign of Mayor Robert Garcia in 2014, as well as on the Measure A and Measure B campaigns, which decisively passed this last election day.

“Having worked with Devin on multiple campaigns, on the Mayor’s Transition Team, and to strengthen our city’s Boards and Commissions, I am confident and excited about partnering to empower our district,” said Pearce in a statement.

Cotter has worked in the past as a consultant at CF Political and Media Strategies. Other past positions include a stint as policy director for Women Against Gun Violence, Nayiri Nahabedian for State Assembly and Rudy Martinez for Council.

Pearce is currently assembling a transition team, which will include Steve Goodling, president and CEO of the Long Beach Convention and Visitors Bureau and Cotter to look for solutions promised in her platform, such as improved public safety, reducing homelessness and more.

Pearce will be sworn into office on July 19 2016.

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