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Photo by Hannah Maynard

Mayoral candidate and Long Beach City College Trustee Doug Otto formally released his 11-point Jobs Plan this week, giving the public a chance to review for the first time one of the major facets of his campaign.

The 14-page document (viewable below) outlines Otto’s vision for a new Long Beach focused on its future economic development and includes nearly a dozen ways that Otto believes Long Beach can become more prosperous in tough ecnomic times. 

“Bringing in new businesses, adding new jobs and supporting our local business community will take new thinking and bold new initiatives,” Otto said at a press conference Wednesday. “As I have stressed in my Jobs Plan, it means restructuring our City’s business development organization to promote job and business growth.”

Otto spent most of this week meeting with and hearing concerns from various businesses owners throughout the city, first at a discussion with small-business owners at Joe Jost’s on Monday and later with Douglas Park businesses, where he stressed the need for Long Beach to aggressively pursue opportunities like the Boeing 777x project, which still does not have a production location.

The attorney also released proposed legislation that would provide tax credits to bring Boeing’s 777x airliner project to Long Beach.

“We have fewer jobs in Long Beach now than we did in 2000. That’s a trend that we can’t let continue,” the Jobs Plan states. “Our future as a city depends on our making the right decisions now–and the right decision is to make this a prosperous city.”

For more information, visit dougottoforlongbeach.com

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