Affordable Housing Study Session Reveals Uphill Battle To Secure Funds, Protect Existing Units

Like any coastal city, living in Long Beach is expensive. There’s no dancing around the recent upward trend of property values and monthly rents, and the causes of that are up for debate. Mired in the middle of a statewide housing crisis, the Long Beach City Council hosted a study session Tuesday night to examine the obstacles and opportunities it has to combat the issue through the construction and protection of affordable and workforce housing.

Study Shows Minimum Wage Workers Need Several Jobs To Afford Housing in Long Beach

If you make minimum wage and rent in the Los Angeles-Long Beach metro area, you better get some coffee ready, as it will require you to have multiple full-time jobs in order to pay up to your landlord each month. This estimation was part of Out of Reach, the annual report from the National Low Income Housing Coalition (NLIHC) that highlights the gaps between wages and the cost of living in cities across the country.