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To Reduce Emissions From Port Trucks One Man Proposes Shipping Traffic Out To Sea

The marine highway system was cast as a money saver in terms of maintenance for the nation’s roads and bridges and as a way to improve air quality by reducing emissions produced by vehicles. By using the nation’s coastlines and river systems for short-sea shipping operations the highway could also reduce the amount of emissions that residents lining these travel routes are exposed to on a daily basis.

New State Bill Could Hold Retailers Liable For Future Port Truck Driver Wage Theft Claims

SB-1402, titled the “Dignity in the Driver’s Seat” bill, would make retailers jointly liable for abuses of port truck drivers if they’re found to have hired a trucking company that is not paying fair wages, has unpaid final judgments due to a wage theft suit, imposes unlawful expenses on its employees and those who misclassify its workers as independent contractors.