Rock Bottom Releases Fire Chief Ale With Sale Proceeds Benefitting LBFD

Whoever said drinking beer is a waste of money has never bought a glass of Rock Bottom’s Fire Chief Ale. Released once a year along with a special themed menu of spicy foods, Fire Chief Ale is the brewery chain’s most selfless promotion, one that donates a portion of the proceeds to local fire departments and their charities.

Get to Know Your Local Beer-Maker: Q and A with Rock Bottom Long Beach’s Thomas Mercado

When Rock Bottom Long Beach’s Brewmaster Hayley Shine left to helm the chain’s Chicago flagship in December, she left behind a newly rennovated brewpub in a city teeming with craft beer potential. Shine’s successor, Thomas Mercado, has spent the last six months taking advantage of his new location, keeping fresh beer on the rotating in-house taps and becoming a part of the Long Beach community.