Waste Management Asking Marathoners to Give Old Shoes New Life

The Long Beach International City Bank Marathon is just over two months away, which means that participants are, or should be, logging hundreds of miles to prepare for the 26.2 endurance test set to take place Sunday, October 12. It also means that thousands of pairs of shoes will cross the threshold where they’re considered no longer fit to train in, and will most likely end up in a closet or even worse, out at the curb on trash day.

Healing Through Art: Tattoo Charity to Support Children’s Burn Foundation

With his arm, wrist and much of his side covered in third and fourth degree burns, Casey Keener had plenty of things going through his mind as he laid in the burn unit last year. It wasn’t how many of layers of skin had been destroyed by the flames of the fire pit he was thrown into, the prospect of skin grafts or the length of the recovery that awaited him. “How are my tattoos?” he asked the doctors in the emergency room.