A man whom authorities alleged played a role in the slaying of a 27-year-old longshoreman outside a 7-Eleven in Long Beach is no longer facing a murder charge and has instead been convicted of assault with a deadly weapon, court records show.

Carlos Alberto Jimenez Hernandez, 33, pleaded no contest to the assault charge on Nov. 15 and was subsequently released from county jail after being sentenced to two years of formal probation, records show.

Hernandez previously faced a murder charge in connection to the June 27 slaying of Isaac Marshell in what police have called an “unprovoked attack” outside of the 7-Eleven near Long Beach Boulevard and 10th Street.

But that charge was dismissed after Hernandez’s attorney, Greg Cummings, filed a motion this month arguing there was not enough evidence to support it and the case should not have been allowed to proceed.

Though a prosecutor orally objected to the motion during the hearing on Nov. 15, Judge James D. Otto ultimately sided with Cummings and agreed that the murder charge should be dismissed, according to the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office and court records. Cummings did not immediately respond to a request for comment from the Long Beach Post.

Hernandez had been in custody since July when police identified him as one of two suspects involved in Marshell’s killing.

Police alleged that Hernandez and another man named Darrell Brock attacked Marshell in the parking lot of the 7-Eleven shortly after an altercation over a phone.

Brock had snatched Marshell’s phone in the parking lot that evening, authorities allege, and although Marshell was able to get it back and leave the scene, he returned to the parking lot where he got into an argument with Brock.

Video footage shows the two arguing before Hernandez assaults Marshell with a skateboard, according to a search warrant filed in Long Beach Superior Court.

Brock joins in on the assault before seemingly pulling out a gun from his waistband and firing a single shot through the driver’s side rear passenger window of Marshell’s vehicle, according to the warrant.

The bullet, according to authorities, struck Marshell in the back. After being shot, Marshell got out of his vehicle and ran across the street before collapsing, according to the warrant. Long Beach Fire Department personnel responded and pronounced him dead at the scene, police said.

In an email to the Long Beach Post, Hernandez said he didn’t know Brock and was not involved with whatever Marshell and Brock were fighting about.

Hernandez said he only got involved when Marshell nearly hit him while pulling out of the parking lot.

That’s when, according to Jimenez, he started hitting Marshell with the skateboard in self-defense.

Brock then came “out of the blue” and shot Marshell.

“It’s not my fault,” he wrote to the Post. “I need his family to understand that. I feel bad.”

Marshell was a Long Beach Poly graduate who often went by Duke, according to people who know him. He worked as a longshoreman and had just gotten off work before the shooting, his family previously said.

Brock is still charged with murder, but shortly after his arrest, the criminal proceedings against him were suspended when his defense attorney questioned his mental competency. He is due back in court Dec. 4.

Editor’s note: This story has been updated with statements from Hernandez.