Celebrate National Ice Cream Day in Long Beach

Let’s celebrate the “fun and nutritious food that is enjoyed by over 90 percent of the nation’s population” by giving a couple local joints (and one ice cream powerhouse corporation) some well-deserved appreciation this Sunday and for the rest of the month. 

Bring on the Freeze: Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream Hits Belmont Shore

Walking into Creamistry—Belmont Shore’s newest business—you’ll be welcomed by an overwhelming amount of greetings and a massive tank with pipes galore connected to it on your right. Even beyond the heavy dose of hellos and the elephant in the room, that’s probably not what you’ll notice first. You’re more likely to be more captivated by the falling cascades of foggy liquid nitrogen, bursting out of stand-up mixers churning everyone’s favorite frozen concoction: ice cream.

5 Places to Get Frozen Concoctions and Beat the Summer Heat

August is Long Beach’s hottest month and a frozen treat can be the sweet antidote to make high temperatures almost bearable. Like steaming hot chocolate in the cold of winter, the contrast of a chilly concoction in the heat of the summer sun is good for the soul. It was recently revealed that Long Beachers consume the largest quantity of ice cream in the nation, so it is fitting that Long Beach offers a variety of places to get these and other sweet frozen creations.